In search of the perfect incense

Since 1999 we have been travelling every year throughout India in search of the perfect incense – one that smells heavenly and 100% natural.

We have visited hundreds of incense manufacturers, in big cities and remote villages, inspecting their workshops, work practices, and the ingredients they use in their incense.

We have been astonished to see that the majority of Indian incense manufacturers, despite putting on their boxes attractive words like “natural” and “organic”, in reality use harsh chemicals, synthetic perfumes and compounds, making their sticks in large factories using machine technology.

उत्पत्तिं प्रलयं चैव भूतानामागतिं गतिम्
वेत्तिं विद्यामविद्यां च स वाच्यो भगवानिति

He who understands the creation and dissolution, the appearance and disappearance of beings, the wisdom and ignorance, should be called Bhagwān.

— Vishnu Purana, VI.5.78

Our effort was rewarded

As out of the hundreds of places we went to we managed to find only five companies that make authentic, natural incense from rare herbs, natural oils, organic resins, and precious wood powders.

We do not sell coal-based, synthetic or perfume-dipped incense, only premium masala incense made using pure halmaddi, sandalwood powder, essential oils and attars produced with age-old methods for perfume distillation.

We are honest with our customers: if a supplier starts using chemical ingredients, we stop offering their incense.

Incense is not a business for us but a part of our spiritual journey.

Because of this, we will never compromise on the quality of what we offer. We are building this initiative for future generations, and we value our reputation.