In search of the ultimate incense, a treasured gift from the gods

Since 1999, we have been relentlessly traveling throughout rural India in search of rare and unique incense varieties that are largely not exported to Western markets.

We have followed in the footsteps of the legendary Happy Hari and Dhuni brands, discovering and unlocking their sources. We have spent a fortune on our trips to India in search of hidden incense artisans, unavailable otherwise to the Western public. We have paid a high price with our health, surviving the harsh and sometimes unsanitary conditions of modern India. This is all for the true love of incense. What we discovered is a treasured gift of nature, hidden in remote locations, where true Incense Gurus reside and craft their masterpieces, offering them to the gods in local temples.

उत्पत्तिं प्रलयं चैव भूतानामागतिं गतिम्
वेत्तिं विद्यामविद्यां च स वाच्यो भगवानिति

He who understands the creation and dissolution, the appearance and disappearance of beings, the wisdom and ignorance, should be called Bhagwān.

— Vishnu Purana, VI.5.78

Masters of Incense 

Out of the many places we visited, we were fortunate to encounter five highly spiritual families who, for generations, have crafted authentic, natural incense from rare herbs, natural oils, organic resins, and precious wood powders. When you burn our incense, you immediately know it’s special. It has a unique, soul-like quality, as it speaks to you and carries silent vibrations of prayers, chanted during the incense making session. We humbly bow to these Masters of Incense. 

We do not sell coal-based, synthetic or perfume – dipped incense, only premium masala incense made using pure raw halmaddi, sandalwood powder, essential oils and attars produced with age-old methods for perfume distillation. 

We are honest with our customers: if a supplier starts using chemical ingredients, we stop offering their incense. 

Incense is not a business for us but a part of our spiritual journey. 

Because of this, we will never compromise on the quality of what we offer. We are building this initiative for future generations, and we value our reputation.