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Our most precious and treasured sandalwood from Mysore. No mere oil, but the lifeblood of the sandalwood tree itself, poured forth to create a Masterpiece of Sandalwood Incense for the true connoisseur.


Infused with aged sandalwood oil, this incense has a unique softness, honeyed warmth, and a smooth, creamy profile. It's sandalwood as it was forty years ago.

(2) 5.95 

A higher grade Sandalwood. One of the most pronounced sandalwood scents of all times – woody and warm, strong and masculine.


Rich, oily sandalwood with a grounding earthy note, complemented by the woody fragrance of freshly cut sandalwood timber. Free from sweetness, this blend exudes pure natural essence of a sandalwood forest.

(1) 4.95 

A sandalwood glory in its purest form – made with real sandalwood powder and Indian red sandalwood oil, it has a sweeter natural smell of red sandalwood.


A silky and embracing scent of Kashmiri saffron combined with precious Mysore sandalwood oil creates a very warm and cosy fragrance.