Oudh Masala: In Search of the Original

As the autumn weather sets in and more rains are on the way, it is a great time to lighten up an incense, make a cup of tea or coffee and look back to the journey we have traveled. It is a time for reflection and contemplation and it is very sweet, and a bit nostalgic, to look back and see your life events through some perspective.
We have been busy packing and sending orders in September and even more so in October, and I am pleased to share some customer feedback and communication with you.

First of all, I shall thank all our beloved customers for their feedback, suggestions and giving us a chance to improve. Please do not hesitate to share more, we are here for you.

We have been getting quite a bit of customer feedback about Oudh Masala we sell. It is one of the most popular sticks, and many people are ordering it.

We have two variants of Oudh Masala in stock – an old time proven stick, which was sold by a late Happy Harri, Absolute Bliss Incense and which is best known to be the “original” Oudh Masala. We also have a more recent variant of the same stick, made by the same supplier, with added pine and mint notes, that makes the stick a more rounded, richer, full bodied version of the old Oudh Masala Incense.

Where it was possible, we have been offering our customers a choice between the two and many people prefer a more updated, recent variant of Oudh Masala with pine and mint notes.

As one customer from the Netherlands put it: “The same applies to Oudh Masala: the one we received from you in September had a dominant mint note and is truly as described on your website – a little too much mint to our taste actually – but we ordered it again because it did remind us of the original Oudh Masala from Paul Eagle from 10 years ago, although that one had more barnyard notes, and an ambergris note; we only have a few sticks of those left.”

So, when placing your order that includes Oudh Masala, please indicate which version you would like to receive. We have a very limited quantity of an old Oudh Masala left and we will not be selling it in the future, but will offer a new variant of Oudh Masala with pine and mint notes.
We love both variants, but our heart lies with the more updated version without a slight cologne note attributed to an old version of Oudh Masala. I hope it will work well for both of us.

Otherwise, we are getting ready for our January trip to India and we have very high hopes for the visit, that could generate some sensations. We have located one more small incense maker in India, that makes an exceptional incense and we are longing to offer their incense to you in the Spring 2024. It is a small family run business and incense is not made in huge quantities, which means more challenges for us to supply it if we get more demand. Fingers crossed, it will work out well.

February 2024 update: Following our regular winter incense sourcing trip to India, we have been shown the original, old Oudh Masala that Paul Eagle was selling before switching to the current version due to the rising costs of materials. We will be offering the old version of Oudh Masala starting in March 2024. Customers who still remember the old Oudh Masala are encouraged to get in touch – we will send you a free sample to verify!

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