What our dear customers say in December

What our dear customers say in December warms our hearts and fills us with gratitude.

What the experts say about us

The Olfactory Rescue Service, or ORS as many know it, is the oldest and most

Oudh Masala: In Search of the Original

As the autumn weather sets in and more rains are on the way, it is

Incredible Music of Estas Tonne and Mystery of the Incense

In the serendipitous year of 2018, my world was forever altered when I stumbled upon


Saffron Encounter and the Mysterious Sage: My Journey to Kashmir

As September comes to an end, I find myself frequently reminiscing about my trip to


​Exploring the Mystical and Metaphysical Qualities of Incense

When we encounter incense sticks labeled with names like “Gold” or “Silver,” it’s tempting to

Dhuni Incense

There was an incense and there was The Incense, the only one and the best

Music of Incense

Let us talk about the music of incense and fragrance of the Earth. Sounds like