What our dear customers say in December

What our dear customers say in December warms our hearts and fills us with gratitude. Their feedback is a true gift during this festive season. It is so pleasing and soul-nourishing to receive reviews like these. It is like bathing in the sun during the cold winter. Thank you all. We love you.

The incense sticks arrived on Dec 11th. Shipping really fast. Thank you very much for the sample incense sticks and the extra goodies. The smell of the purchased chopsticks is simply indescribable. Even a day later (after airing a 25 sq. m room) this fragrance is discreetly present. I can recommend him to everyone. Thank you very much for your work behind it. It won’t be the last time I’ll get something for my soul from you. Thank you very much. I wish you peaceful days (ps.to Germany no customs duties).

Franco, Germany

Great quality and great service! Incense is of high, long lasting quality. Package is beautiful and seller included ‘thank you’ note as well as few free samples. Great price for great product!

Tea, Croatia

The same applies to Oudh Masala: the one we received from you in September had a dominant mint note and is truly as described on your website – a little too much mint to our taste actually – but we ordered it again because it did remind us of the original Oudh Masala from Paul Eagle from 10 years ago, although that one had more barnyard notes, and an ambergris note; we only have a few sticks of those left.

Gezina, Netherlands

I’m in love with the warmth of Woody Champa. It creates such a cosy and welcoming atmosphere. The scent is balanced; sweet and spicy with just the right amount of champaca florality. I don’t want to ever miss this scent in my collection!

Irene, Germany 

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