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The Olfactory Rescue Service, or ORS as many know it, is the oldest and most respected incense review website, covering quality incense from all over the world.

Taken from the review of our Oudh Majestic incense: 

“It’s been a long time since there was a real contender to the Oud Masala from the Happy Hari family, that nearly perfect blend of masala base and at least an approximation of a decent oud to complement it. There are also a number of charcoal based ouds out there that one might not be able to pick out a specific aroma in a line up. Pure Incense have provided a wide and almost dizzying array of oud and aloeswood incenses from Madhavadas and often the issue is less the top oils than the base. I’m not sure where Oudh Majestic came from but it’s a really good charcoal oudh and has an oil mix on top that seems constructed to display something a bit better than the usual oudh tinged colognes.”

Balsamic Amber just absolutely impressed immediately, it’s an instant hall of famer. It’s interesting but when we talk about good incenses we can spend so much time in areas (usually the woods) where resources are precious and rewards only given to the expensive, so Balsamic Amber reminds me that you can still create something excellent without having to go there.”

Rauchfahne is an upcoming, next generation blog on incense of all kinds, written by Irene, a German incense enthusiast who not just has a rich knowledge about the topic but also makes her own incense from natural ingredients.

“Practically out of nowhere, a new own brand appears in 2023 – Bhagwan Incense – with a considerable range of high-quality incense sticks and at comparably low prices. It uses the renowned name Happy Hari to advertise its quality and also seems to repeat the story of the person behind Happy Hari – Paul Eagle: a man who travels to India to find the best manufacturers of incense sticks and these to sell to the West under its own brand name.”

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