What makes us different?

He who knows, does not speak. He who speaks, does not know.

Lao Tzu

A lot has been said about the different qualities of incense. Some brands claim their sticks are luxurious or for connoisseurs, but we proudly call ours Supreme. Why? Because we have complete confidence in our production process and know that our incense is crafted to the highest ecological, ethical, and production standards using the finest ingredients available.
Our production heavily relies on halmaddi, an exceptionally rare and expensive ingredient. We source the best halmaddi from independent producers in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu who adhere to strict regulations set by the Indian Government.
Instead of using cheaper “agarbatti powder” from Vietnam, which is commonly used in commercial incense production, we utilize real sandalwood powder and genuine sandalwood oil. Both of these ingredients are precious and costly.
For our base material, we often incorporate coconut shell powder, which imparts a soft and creamy fragrance to our incense. Additionally, the coconut base emits minimal smoke, allowing the oils to fully manifest themselves.
To preserve the long-lasting aroma of our sticks, we exclusively use real essential oils (attars) obtained through distillation. We avoid synthetic or decomposed oils, as they do not meet our high standards. Although real essential oils are expensive, they ensure the fragrance of our incense endures for years to come.
You may have heard of the renowned Happy Hari brand and the legendary Paul Eagle, who extensively explored India in search of the highest quality incense. Like them, we have followed their path and established relationships with the same esteemed suppliers. We take pride in upholding their legacy by delivering the same exceptional quality.
And, finally, the price. We are trying our best to be as lean as possible, so we can pass on our savings to our customers.We like to think about ourselves that we are not greedy. Perhaps, we are not very humble.
We have managed to build a bulk of our wealth in other sectors of the economy, so there is no pressure for us to deliver. We are enjoying ourselves talking to our customers and discovering new fragrances on the way. We are enjoying being part of the TAO, this process of Life, Creation and Relaxation. Thank you for being a part of it with us.

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