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Heavenly Nag Champa with honey, creamy undertones, crafted with abundant halmaddi and the highest grade champaca flower oil. Were you looking for an old Nag Champa blue box quality? It is here. Try it today!


Behold the forbidden fruit of oudh, aged for a lifetime to unveil its intoxicating heart, a nectar for the Kings. A masterpiece of an oudh craft created for true connoisseurs.

(1) 3.95 

A thick, rich, delicious flora incense, loaded with essential oils and fragrant ingredients.


Forest fresh and with a hint of mint and a cooling woodiness this exotic pinewood fragrance is made with a natural high grade Himalayan pine resin.


Crafted with the finest benzoin and a touch of sweet amber resin with a yummy hint of vanilla, this is the masterpiece of sambrani Incense Sadhguru would be proud of.

(2) 3.95 

This Nag Champa is very balanced, with woody, vanilla notes beautifully interplaying with the main scent of Champaca flower.


This rich and precious incense is made from an expensive high-grade Ethiopian frankincense resin.


With notes of mint, honey and citrus, eucalyptus is a healing fragrance that helps to relieve tension and pain.


A vigorous woody agarwood, intense but not overpowering, with a hint of aged dry plum.


A very soft and warm woody fragrance, made using highest grade myrrh resin.

(1) 5.95 

Light and airy agarwood, full of woody and timber notes with a very subtle sweetness. As good as burning agarwood chips. 


A masterful Fougère blend of resinous woody musk, champaca, patchouli and vetiver with the delicate touches of neroli, amber and benzoin.