Saffron Sandalwood Incense Sticks


A silky and embracing scent of Kashmiri saffron combined with precious Mysore sandalwood oil creates a very warm and cosy fragrance.

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Introducing Saffron Sandalwood Incense Sticks, a truly exclusive blend of Kashmiri Saffron and exquisite Mysore Sandalwood oil. Crafted with care by a small family in India, these incense sticks are masterfully hand-rolled by women.

This incense offers a silky and embracing scent, combining the richness of Kashmiri saffron with the preciousness of sandalwood oil. Its fragrance is light, uplifting, and mood-improving, making it the perfect choice for winter and rainy weather.

As you burn these incense sticks, notes of sandalwood gracefully interplay with the musky, subtle sweetness of saffron. The result is a truly divine and welcoming aroma, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere. Simply divine.

Irene of a very popular Rauchfahne Incense review blog informs: Saffron Sandalwood are the first saffron incense sticks that I like – and I like them A LOT. That’s why I was wondering if that might mean it’s not right for real saffron enthusiasts. I asked one of my incense friends – who loves saffron and also bought it – for his opinion. He finds that the saffron here is significantly softer than he normally likes, but the combination still works really well for him. Max is also very impressed. He notices the floral aspect of saffron and finds the scent very homely.
We all agree that Saffron Sandalwood, with its characteristic warmth, is a perfect fit for the fall season. It is a fragrance for cozy hours, perhaps with a cup of good coffee, the aroma of which, in my opinion, complements this fragrance fantastically.

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Each box contains 15 grams of supreme quality masala incense with an average burn time of 40-45 minutes per stick.
  • Skillfully created from precious natural resins, essential oils, and absolutes.
  • Non-toxic and emits low smoke.
  • No chemicals or synthetic ingredients.
  • Vegan incense sticks.


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